Digital Cases

Digital Cases

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OperaDDS - Creating, Customizing, and Sending a Case, Pending Cases, Case Tips
Applies to: Eaglesoft Versions and Areas of Software, Other eServices Product, etc.

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Creating, Customizing, and Sending a Case

Create a Case

  • Click Email | Cases | + New Case

  • Enter Case Information
    • Prescribed By: the prescribing doctor of the referral or lab case
    • Due Date: if digital lab case, enter a due date
    • Lab/Referral: Choose referral office from the list or click the + to add if they do not exist in the list
    • Share With: choose to share with another office from list if desired
    • Select Patient:
      • If utilizing an integrated PMS system, start typing the last name of a patient and results will appear to select.

      • If you are not utilizing an integrated PMS system, click the + to add them manually.
  • Click Save & Continue

Customize the Case

  • Details Tab:
    • Select Tooth (Teeth) by clicking on a tooth or checking the box for an area

    • Choose a Case Type | Once Chosen, select the Type that applies
      NOTE: Options will vary based on the case type
    • For Comments, Select Comment to automatically fill in the Write Comment section and then customize, or free form type in the Write Comment box
      • Save and Continue takes you to the Attachments Tab
      • Send Case will send the case
  • Attachments Tab
    • Click select from your computer to browse to select a file to upload.

    • Uploaded files will show below.
      • The Down Arrow is to download file, the X is to delete file, the eye is to preview file.
    • Click Send Case when complete

The recipient of the case will receive this via email.  The body of the email will include the practice email, practice name, and instructions for the recipient register so they can view the secure case.

Pending Cases

Pending Cases are those in which the receiver has not created an OperaDDS account.  Once they create the account, the case will no longer show in the pending invitations list.

  • Click Settings | Pending Emails

  • Pending cases will show in a list.  Utilize the Actions buttons as needed.
    • The ->] icon will resend the invitation.  A confirmation message will appear.  Click OK to successfully resend the case invitation.

    • The Tag icon will allow options to merge the invitation with an existing company that already has a login.  Choose the company type and company and click Merge.
    • The X icon will allow you to delete the case.  A confirmation message will appear.  Click OK to successfully delete the case.

Case Tips
  • Connect the Practice Management System to OperaDDS to make everything seamless!  This pulls in all patient information, such as names, emails, phone numbers, etc.
    • Available Integrations: Eaglesoft, Dentrix, Open Dental
  • If a recipient deletes a Case Email notification or needs a new email, trigger an update to the case to prompt the recipient to login through pending emails.
  • All cases are saved on the OperaDDS HIPAA compliant servers.
    • When a case is sent, it is extending an invitation for the recipient to view the case.
    • A case never needs to be resent, as long as it was sent to the correct email address.
    • Cases that were sent in the past will always be available for the office to access when they login.
  • When sending a case to another office, the recipient is required to create an account for HIPAA verification if they have not done so in the past.
    • If at any point the recipient needs assistance creating the account, they may contact support for assistance.
  • Sending a case to another dental office will auto-add them to the list of Labs & Referrals.

Cases Tab - Print, Download
  • Access Cases by choosing Email | Cases
    • The Case Number Blue Hyperlink allows you to edit the case.
    • The Action Buttons allow you to:
      • Road Icon: Print Patient Copy of the Case.
      • Printer Icon: Print Office Copy of the Case.
      • Down Arrow: Download the Case.

NOTE: The Due Date will appear if it is a Lab Case

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