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The Company Logo and Email Header are located through Settings | Account Settings | Company Profile:

  • The Company logo should be set at 300x300
  • The email header should be set at 600x225


There are a few things to consider and know when it comes to the logo on forms.

New Forms

For all new forms being created, the logo will populate from Settings | Account Settings | Company Profile

Form Edits

If you make a change to your Company Logo, all existing forms will be updated with the new logo.

Legacy Forms

A Legacy Form is considered any form created by the OperaDDS team prior to the launch of the Forms Builder.  These forms will have the Edit option grayed out.  Please see OperaDDS - Unable to Edit Some Forms - FAQ #39353 for more information on this, as well as steps to get these forms updated.

Forms/Logo Troubleshooting

After updating the logo under Company Profile, if it does not update on all existing forms, it's quite possible that the sizing of the logo is incorrect, as the recommended size is 300x300.  Uploading an image that is quite different than the recommended sizing may not properly take effect until corrected.

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