Send Forms From Inside of Eaglesoft

Send Forms From Inside of Eaglesoft

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OperaDDS - Send OperaDDS Forms Inside of Eaglesoft
Applies to: OperaDDS


OperaDDS allows you to send Forms directly to patients from the OperaDDS website. However, you may want to also be able to send OperaDDS Forms from inside of Eaglesoft.

In order to send an OperaDDS form to patients via email from inside of Eaglesoft, you first need to Create Your Own Letters - FAQ 43.

Once your letter has been created,

  1. Open OperaDDS and login.
  2. Click on Forms | Blank Forms, then choose the Copy Packet Link underneath of the Actions column.
  3. Paste this link in your letter, along with the proper formatting to introduce the link to your patients. | Save your new Letter.

To send the letter to your patients:

  1. Go to Lists | Person.
  2. Select the patient and click Edit.
  3. Click on the Letter button.
  4. Choose the desired letter, ensure you have "Send To E-Mail" checked, and click on Process.

If you encounter an error or have trouble sending letters to patients via email, please see Troubleshooting Tips for Emailing - FAQ 3889.

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